How utterly pissed off men and women have finally woken up and discovered the missing ingredients to their dieting and weight loss nightmares.

Learn how to AVOID the dieting blunders that are reducing your chances of achieving long term weight loss to, a shockingly low, 4%.

That's Right

In other words

If 100 people went on a diet and they all lost weight then a year later they met up then 96 of them will have REGAINED all that weight and, in a lot of cases, more.

That’s the stats I’m afraid.

No wonder you’re disillusioned and feel like giving up.

I don’t blame you

With those kind of odds why would you waste the time, money and effort?

But what if you could MASSIVELY increase your odds of success?

At the Fit Body Farm your chances of losing weight and keeping it off increases dramatically to 74% compared to the average of 4% when you go on a diet.

(That’s the % of our long term members who reported to have either lost weight and kept it off or are still seeing improvements.)

Women like Paula, have went from feeling disgusted with themselves to feeling happy every day with how they look.

Before I started Fit Body Farm I felt fat, unloved, horrible and now I’ve got my life back.

I quickly lost just over 3 stone in the first 4 months. I’ve went on to lose another stone and have now maintained a size 12 for over a year having started as a big size 18.

Fitness wise I am having less problems with my knees and other joints and have so much more energy.

The results I’ve achieved at Fit Body Farm have been incredible but the most important thing is I am starting to like myself, I’m comfortable with how I look, I have purpose in life and am enjoying every minute of this experience.


Getting results like Paula doesn’t have to be a huge struggle or involve starving yourself and working out for hours at a time.

We can show you a better way where you can actually eat more, feel fuller and work out less, but in a smarter way.

I NEED to be honest with you first though.

BEFORE you can start to change for good you need to STOP lying to yourself.

You need to face up to the truth and then you will free yourself and vow to never go back to how you feel right now.

When you feel too stuck to do anything about your weight or body shape the person you’re really hurting is yourself.

It’s you that’s keeping yourself miserable by blaming others, making excuses and living in denial.

Telling yourself the same story over and over again.

  • I don’t have time to exercise and eat well
  • I’ll start again on Monday
  • Christmas party season is coming up. I’ll just start in January.
  • It’s just not the right time.
  • I’m not going to exercise incase I can’t keep up
  • I’ll need to get fit before I start
  • Yuck I’m not eating that
  • Once the kids are older, my husbands work settles down then I’ll start to look after myself

The more you tell yourself these things, the more you hard wire your brain to make them your default response that you always revert back to. Like a safety blanket.

You know you’re not happy

​But all these lies do is confirm in your mind that you are stuck with the way things are and you don’t believe you can change that….yet.


  • You have the chance to change your life forever
  • You have the chance to become happier that you ever felt possible
  • You have the chance to gain confidence in your body to wear clothes you like instead of just what fits.

But because of the lies you keep telling yourself you keep plodding along that beaten track, avoiding the effort, not wanting to feel uncomfortable and constantly gripped by the fear of what if.

You become your biggest enemy

Before you know it, months and years have passed​

  • You’ve gotten heavier
  • You get sick more often
  • Your inner thighs start to chaff when you walk
  • You dress in baggy tops to hide your shape and a cardigan to hide your arms
  • You can’t buy jeans because your hips and stomach spill over the top
  • Your skin gets worse, your hair is brittle and you look older than you are
  • Tying your shoes laces can become difficult
  • You start to worry about not being around to see your kids grow up

The longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

Laughing it off and making jokes, to hide the frustration your feeling, becomes harder to do

Wine and chocolate papers over the cracks

Ultimately it’s up to you to help yourself

You can continue on this struggle if you want.

Getting out of breath climbing the stairs.

God forbid of you have kids

But then you could just tell them

‘Exercising felt tough, that’s why I have no energy to play with you’

You might feel pissed off with me right now.

You might feel pissed with yourself.

That’s ok. I’m not saying this stuff to be cruel.

I’m saying it to ignite some fire in your belly

That fire will fuel you to make the changes you know you need to make

Now I know the more you get knocked down, the less you feel like getting back up again. I totally get that.

But if you just keeping sticking a plaster on your wounds instead of learning how NOT to fall again then you're going to keep bleeding and scars get deeper.

Why should you listen to a 30 year old guy that’s never been overweight before?

You shouldn’t.

Instead listen to our members who are just the same as you.

They’ve shared with me all of those pains listed above that they USED to go through before they tried Fit Body Farm.

Mother of 3, Susan cried going clothes shopping.                                             Now she wears a bikini on holiday.

‘Like almost all over weight people, I searched for years for the 'miracle' cure that would let me go to sleep one night and wake up in the morning thin!

I tried all sorts of slimming clubs, did points, calories, milk shakes instead of meals, faddy diets. Sometimes things worked and I lost a bit of weight, but without fail the weight crept back on plus more and before long I was buying size 22 clothes.

Every invitation to a wedding or event brought the first thought, what was I going to wear? Many a clothes shopping trip ended in tears shed alone as I couldn’t get nice things to wear. I resigned myself to the fact I was going to be a wee fat buddy for the rest of my life.

What changed? I went to my daughters graduation in June 2012, such a proud day, posed beside my daughter for the photos, queued to buy the photos and oh my God, beside my beautiful girl stood an old fat blob of a woman. I walked away without a single photo of me beside Katie.

In July 2012 I started a thing called Fit Body Farm with Katie. I had hesitated for a while, the old thought, what would I wear? How unfit would I be, would I be the fattest person there? But something just said, go for it and I did!

Very quickly my weight started dropping, my shape changed dramatically, I made some brilliant new friends and best of all, my mindset changed. I just knew I was finally on the right track to find me again!

A year and a bit later I was a size 12/14. I wore a bikini on holiday, the first one since my honeymoon 28 years earlier! I’ve managed to maintain my new shape for over a year now and there’s no going back.


It pains me that you might be facing the same struggles as Susan used to face when you don’t have to

You can give up your struggles and  join the Fit Body Farm now

And then all those things that seemed so far away will start to become reality. Things like:

  • Feeling confident enough with your body to wear a dress if you want to in the summer.
  • Friends and family saying ‘Whoah! Have you lost weight? You look fantastic’
  • Getting back to your optimistic, positive, happy self
  • Feeling you can do more things that you’ve been afraid to try and conquer any adversity
  • Being stronger, leaner and fitter so you don’t get out of breath climbing the stairs
  • Sleeping better so you wake up feeling great and with the energy to get more done
  • Feeling sexy in your new underwear
  • Being comfortable with your partner again so you enjoy having sex instead of keeping the lights off and hiding under the duvet.

Here’s what you’ll get on our 35 day entry programme

  • 15 Group Personal Training Sessions in a private and discreet location in the Ayrshire Countryside. We have an indoor and outdoor training areas.
  • You’ll be welcomed by other members who either feel like you do now or used to feel like you and have now came flying out the other side. You’ll benefit from their knowledge and they’ll motivate you during workouts.
  • VIP Access to our members site which contains our nutrition manual, recipe library and coaching videos on how to accelerate your results.
  • Weekly progress tracking so you can see consistent results and look back at how far you’ve come.
  • Support from specialist coaches every step of the way, whenever you need it.

Despite the value of Fit Body Farm, you might be feeling conflicted right now.

On one hand you do really want to change. You are fed up and pissed off at where you are now. But you’ve got doubts. Will it work? Will I enjoy it? Is this for me?

That is why we offer a NO RISK GUARANTEE that if you aren't happy with the programme or your results after following the programme for 5 weeks the we'll refund your entire investment

Still unsure?

Still unsure?

For ONLY £19 you can sample our experience week* first before committing yourself to the remaining 4 weeks

That way you don’t have to make any major commitments and can make the best decision for you.

Click below to book your place now

It’s a scary decision, there’s no doubting that. But isn’t the alternative of progressively feeling worse even scarier?

If you’re not ready to change what you’re doing and not ready to hire an expert who knows how to guide you then don’t join. That’s totally cool with me. It’s not for everyone. Some people just don’t want to admit they need help and will continue with their daily struggles on their own. For them it’s like pulling their own teeth out instead of going to the dentist. And that’s ok, they can continue in the pain they are in.

If you’re different then click the button below and choose a group to join

(PLEASE NOTE. If you can't stick to one time slot then it's no problem - you can move between groups when required)​